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Pangalpedia is a humble initiative to spark inspiration to and lift the spirits of the young generations of our society in general and those from the historically unprivileged sections in particular. Every achiever has a story to tell; about their efforts they have put in, hardships they have faced during their journey, inspiring adventures they have traversed and the best practices they have followed. We believe these stories will serve as one of the greatest tools to the younger lots, in their efforts to achieve milestones in life. This will not only serve to inspire people, but will also contribute in bringing an overall glory to Manipur.


Our mission is to encourage and lift up spirits of the younger generations of our society in general and Pangals in particular. Pangal/Meitei Pangal/Manipuri-Muslims are an economically and historically underprivileged people of Manipur. The team Pangal Thawanmichak will carry out a mission to find out individuals from the community who have excelled in different streams. Our team believes in the power of each success story to ignite the minds of our younger generation. We believe that every achiever in any field has an inspiring story to share; about the struggles they have made, hardships they have faced, challenges they have met and the best practices they have followed. This mission will help in forming a depository of information from a large collective of Pangal Stars. We believe, this will serve as a comprehensive data-bank of various stories of struggles, obstacles, notes of inspiration and visionary ideas to address our societal problems in a systematic manner. This compilation will be helpful for human development, particularly for the Pangal community. Our team believes, this effort will strongly help in strengthening nation building process.

Our Mission includes the following:

An Idea: A Dream

  1. Awareness and Mobilisation
  2. Motivation through Success stories of the Pioneers amongst us
  3. To ensure lifting the morale of struggling students with helping hands from our successful stars
  4. Creating a database for future Reference and Research
  5. To ensure an objective knowledge building process in historical, social and cultural realms of the Pangal community; free of unscientific, stereotypical and biased knowledge productions.
  6. To promote free flow and exchange of knowledge across the spectrum of our society; inculcate the sense of rootedness, dedication and overall development of our state.

A Mission: A Vision

A New, Powerful Thrust of Panagl's Narrative


  1. To facilitate education to the most deprived section of our society.
  2. To spread awareness of education to the public.
  3. To encourage meritorious students leap from lower to higher levels of study.
  4. To organise career-counselling and guidance programmes, so as to help in solving problems faced by students in career selection.
  5. To promote youths in the field of Arts, Culture and Science & Technology.
  6. To assist people of the Panagl community to acquire different levels of skills through appropriate developmental courses.
  7. To encourage youths to actively take part in various traditional, professional and adventure sports.
  8. To encourage cultural activities with a vision to protect traditional art forms, songs, language and food.
  9. To protect our environment by encouraging public participation in conservation of our environment.
  10. To bring harmony to the Manipuri society.
  11. To participate in nation building process.