Drug a big menace in manipur

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Drug a big menace in Manipur:

Written by: Naeem Khan Jm


Drugs may be considered as psychoactive substances which can lead somebody to dependance on consequences like behaviour changes, physiological diversion and socially unacceptable. Most of the drugs are harmful and hazardous substances namely heroine powder (No. 4), opium, WY, alcohol, spasmoproxival (SP), N-10, and many cough syrups, etc. The most dreadful drug is Heroine powder.We cannot aspect nothing from these drugs and from its abuses. India faced the problems of drug abuse for many years. The Northeastern states of India have been affected by drug usage and a large number of HIV cases increase to intravenous drug usage. Manipur is the closest state to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia. So, it becomes one of the most affected state. The Golden Triangle is where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet. This place is notoriously known for drug trafficking. There are many poppy farmers in Manipur near the international boarder with Myanmar. They are engaged in this for their sustenance. They export these row materials to the golden triangle through Myanmar.

Manipur government lead by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has declared a war on drugs in 2018 which brought a significant benefits to root out drug trafficking. Hundreds of drug peddlers were arrested and fast track courts have been set up for trial. People and many ante-drug organisations icluding women organisations getting involved in countering drug peddling. It's a good thing. Among the organisations, CADA, ANJUMAN, ALADA etc, may be mentioned which help to root out drugs from Manipur. However many officers, politicians and even army officers do (involve) business related to drugs. Record proved itself. It may take times or may be impossible to root out drugs trafficking and drug peddlers but we can minimise the problems. Trending at present situation, we cannot imagine Manipur a drug free state.

For the required target, attention and personal involvement of youth to persuade drug related activities is highly needed. Youth of the state need to come forward hand in hand to root out such menace of drugs from our state.

Government must hunt king pin of drugs and drug peddlers as well as persons who involved in drug trafficking. Honesty of government is highly needed to be a drug free Manipur and corrupted (mindset of) government machineries should be controlled by the government.

Alcoholism : It is also a major problem next to No.4. Most of the youth use alcohol in their day to day life such as in ceremony, festival and personal or general occasions. There is a saying in Manipur : at the moment of both enjoyment as well as worry, people use alcohol. Place of alcohol is very vast in Manipur. Some community use alcohol in ritual or religius occasions. There is no war on alcohol in Manipur other than CADA and some meira paibi groups drive against it. Most commonly used alcohol (wine) is local made white wine which is called yoo-ngou literally 'yoo' means wine 'ngou' means white. Many women had been experiencing to produce wine in Manipur specially meitei and tribal women. It's become a way of their sustenance. Sometimes, political leaders expressed to legalise alcohol and hope to export to other states or countries. So, Manipur cannot be a alcohol free state.

Future of youth : Youth (both boys and girls) are pillars of the nation. Will alcohol and other drugs give strength to build our nation ? No, we don't believe it. So, it is upto you to give up alcohol or any drug to save you and to save our generation as well as our future. Money is not all. Health is also wealth. God does not make us only to enjoy our times and end in a valueless life. HE has many purposes of making us. We need to fulfill that purposes. We are leader of our generation. If we lead them in good term, they will follow our path in that path. If we lead them bad, their path will be worsen. Leading in good way is one of the purposes of sending us on this earth. Let us come forward and voice to control drugs and alcohol. Lastly but not least, we need to remember a saying : It is said that when money is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; but when character is lost, everything is lost. Much carefulness is highly necessary for our future.

Need of rehabilitation: To bring the drug addicts to a normal life, we need to send them at rehabilitation and fitness centres. The best way to wean off the habit of drug dependence should be treated in rehabilitation and psychotherapy centre with moral teaching. They should learn to confirm the values of life lies in drug free life style. Gradually they will return to humanity. Government needs to give support and financial help to private rehabilitation centers and government itself may open such centres. After the end of course of rehabilitation, government need to make policy to help them either financial help or job facility to run their family and their livelihoods. So brave youth -your direction is towards moral and education not to drugs.