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Facebook was very new at that time. People open Facebook account especially the youths to play some of the games that Facebook was having at the point of time. FarmVille was one of the favourites game that everyone was playing in the Facebook on those days.

Orkut by Google was also still there but it was not that user friendly even though we didn’t have any better option. But when Facebook came into this world out of fantasy idea of Mark Zuckerberg, everyone seems to had fallen in love with Facebook. I was not exceptional. It was introduced to me by one my friends Mr. Sahid Khan from Delhi. He told me why I didn’t open an account in Facebook. It is fantastic platform to play games. That is how I open the Facebook account and got into the game directly without checking what else could be done in the platform.

I even didn’t have what those red colour notification meant for. Though it was very new to me, some of the younger generations folks were well aware of it and they have added me in the Facebook group named “Delhi Association of Manipuri Muslims (DAMMS)”. People kept adding new members and everyone seems to be enjoying a lot as we could re-establish connection with some of the friends that were lost all contacts long time before. It was fund to get us all connected again.

While all these fun were happening, some were arguing in post without maintaining any decorum. It had become a bit uncomfortable to most of us and some were even raising why the group is named DAMMS when the creator of the group himself were never actively participated in the DAMMS function and activities. Then we started collecting suggestions from all members on what name to be named for such a virtual organisation. After many days of discussion and deliberation, we zeroed to Manipur Muslim Online Forum (MMOF) with the tagline “Think Humanity”.

As group cannot work without a purpose and leaders, we asked members to come out to be its leader or executives from different parts of India and abroad.

Some of the names who voluntarily came out to be Admin of the group were Wakil Shah for PAN India, Mohammed Nasir Ahmed for North East India, Shaheda Pravin for Women, Firoj Khan for North India,