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Assistant Professor


  1. Address: URUP MAYAI LEIKAI, Imphal East.
  2. Father’s name: LATE MD. MAJID ALI
  3. Mother’s name: HAJIRA BEGUM


  2. Higher secondary (PCB): ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY
  4. L.L.M (in Constitutional Law) from : ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY

Dissertation Topic:- "The Right to Privacy with Special Reference to Physical Privacy".

Professional Experiences:

Internship Experiences:

1. Supreme Court of India, New Delhi under Senior Advocate J S Attri.

2. Delhi Legal Services Authority (DLSA), New Delhi

3. Sakaar Outreach (GRC - SK), New Delhi

Teaching Experiences

1. Herald Law Academy - Sangam Vihar, Delhi-110084

2. National Competitive Academy, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh - 202001.

Current Job

Assistant Professor at Indraprastha Law College.

Seminars and Conferences:

1. "One Day International Seminar on Protection of Women and Children Rights: Issues and Challenges" By:- Law Mantra (Think Beyond Others) in collaboration with Indian Law Institute- New Delhi; DCCPR - Govt. Of Delhi; Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law - Punjab; National Law University and Judicial Academy- Assam; Maharashtra National Law University- Aurangabad;

2. " International Conference on Arbitration Regime in India - Evolving Opportunities and Daunting Challenges" By:- Nani Palhiwala Arbitration Centre, New Delhi

3. " Two Days International Seminar on Global Challenges and Solutions" By:- Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

4. "National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of Right to Privacy in India" By:- Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.


  • Publication of "Criminalization of Instant Triple Talaq and Empowerment of Muslim Women: A Critical Appraisal"

LAW MANTRA, ISSN 2321 - 6417, Volume 6, Issue 3 & 4.

Extra Curricular Activities

1. A panelist on a Webinar titled "Status of Pangal Women" organized by Integrated Development Organization (IDO), Lilong, Manipur.

2. Participated in The Islamic Exhibition 2012, organized by Students of AMU. - presented "The Rights of Women in Islam" covering various Rights including social, political, economic, property & spiritual Rights.

3. Published various articles on Students' Megazine like DAMMS, University's Megazine.

4. Volunteered various Islamic programs like Talks of Islamic Speaker Dr.Zakir Naik, organized by India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Garden, New Delhi.

5. Organized & Volunteered various awareness program like legal rights of women, health, proper diet & Nutrition of pregnant women.

6. Speaker on various events & programmes including the Event on International Women's Day, 2019, on the topic "Indigenous Feminism" organized by Manipur Students Association of Delhi (MASAD).

7. Participated in various Campaigns & Rallies like polythene ban, Environment Protection.

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