Mrs Rahamjan

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Entrepreneur: Kouna Craft



Daughter of Maulana Rashid, Founding Mohatmim of Darul Yatama Lil Banate Wajamiatus Salihat, Lilong Ipham.

Mother : Esmajaan

Resident of : Lilong Chaobok Ipham, Manipur

Qualification : Matriculate

Marital Status : Widow

Daughter : Two

Monthly Income : 10,000



A widow who is trained in kouna products. She is not only supporting her family but also trained several other women in her locality.

She had received various awards and recognitions.

With her success ladies in Lilong and other areas of Manipur have started the Kauna craft as a means of earning livelihood.

Under her leadership 200 ladies in her locality started small scale production units.

The nature of job involved very little requirements of tools, thus could be taken up by anyone with a training of a week.

Indeed a torch bearer among Pangal Women in self help Group.

An example of success in Self Help Group in Manipur