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This Taekwondo Academy is fully functional since September 2018 with the help of almighty’s God and extremely supported by the various dignitaries and well wisher. This Academy is situated just behind Lilong Haoreibi College, Lilong sub Division, Thoubal, Manipur.


This sport academy is mainly ran by the following Taekwondo Personalities :

  1. Md.Emamuddin Shah (Black Belt 4rd DAN Army TKD Coach National Gold Medalist National Refree PTI T T A LILONG Cheif Coach).
  2. Md.Zaud Khan(Black Belt 2nd Dan)TKD
  3. Md.Mustakim (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
  4. Md.Manwer (Black Belt 1st Dan) TKD
  5. M M Wakil (Black Belt 1st Dan)

Some major achievements

Within short period of time the achievements are:
  • 14 th Governor Taekwondo Cup Manipur held on 10-13th May 18- this sport academy took 09 medals and stood in 5th Position.
  • Kimunyong Open Taekwondo Championship held on 29 -31 May 19 in Guwahati, DTRP-This sports academy took 5 medals including 1Gold, 1Silver and 3 Bronze medals.
Medallist of the above championship 
  • Md Waslam Khan-Gold
  • MM Abdul Wakim-Silver
  • Md Harish-Bronze
  • Md Ilias Khan-Bronze and
  • Ruhani Sahanu